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Includes installation of (1) Google Nest Thermostat.


Pricing only applies to replacement of existing thermostat with Google Nest Thermostat.


Buy Google Nest Learning Thermostat: https://store.google.com/ca/product/nest_learning_thermostat_3rd_gen?hl=en-GB


Buy Google Nest Thermostat: https://store.google.com/ca/product/nest_thermostat?hl=en-GB


Please be sure to have product on-hand for booked date. Extra trips require extra fees. One trip included. E-2 is registered Google Nest Pro Installer - E3B-355

Google Nest Thermostat Install

  • Please be advised that even though we do our best to maintain this flat rate, it can fluctuate depending on the situation. In the event that we are not able to maintain the rate, the reasons as to why will be fully explained. We pride ourselves on 100% transparency with our clients.